Although exact statistics may vary, the UAE has experienced a relatively high prevalence of smoking compared to many developed countries, with around 24% of adults in the UAE estimated to be smokers.

Awareness Campaigns: The UAE government has launched awareness campaigns on the health risks associated with smoking. These campaigns are carried out through various media, such as television advertisements, radio, billboards and social media, with the aim of educating the public about the dangers of smoking and encouraging people to quit smoking.

As awareness of the risks of smoking increases, there is an increase in the popularity of alternatives to traditional tobacco, such as e-cigarettes and tobacco heating devices. However, the UAE government is closely monitoring these trends and taking measures to regulate these products and protect public health.

Smoking is a leading cause of chronic diseases and premature deaths in the UAE. Smokers are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, and other serious health problems. Fighting smoking is a priority for the UAE health system.

In summary, although the UAE has implemented significant measures to address smoking and protect public health, the challenge remains and requires continued education, awareness and support to reduce the prevalence of smoking in the country.




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